Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring, Surgery, Friends and a Place Called Charming Charlies

It's been awhile.  First let me say I have loved the messages of encouragement.  The kind words.  Just knowing I have not been forgotten!  A lot has happend here in Whimsy Land since I last posted.   As you may recall I was going to be on a bit of a break because I was having back surgery on March 9th.  The break was longer than expected.  When I went in for my pre-op testing the week before surgery I was having problems with my asthma because pollen season here in the south was rearing it's ugly head!  What that meant was I FAILED my pre-op!  Yep, can you believe it?  UGH!  Off to a pulmonologist they sent me to get a handle on my emerging allergy nightmare and asthma.  New surgery date if all was in order April 20th.  Seriously?  Are you even kidding me?  But my back!  I am in pain!  To which they replied "Mrs. Whimsy if we operate on you in this condition we may never get you off the respirator".  You can bet that shut me up pretty quickly!  I was thereafter a very dutiful patient.  Lucky for me on April 20th I was clear and good to go and had my surgery.  Now 9 days post op I am feeling pretty good.  They have me wearing a corsitt for 6 weeks which greatly limits my ability to do things like lift, bend, sit AND DECORATE!  Patience is a true gift for people who have had back surgery and sadly I am not the most patient person.  But I am trying!  I have missed my projects, missed my blogging and missed my friends!  But this blog isn't all doom and gloom and WHINING.  Oh no!  Read on.........

Look at this fun handbag.  Doesn't it just bring a smile to your face?  It does mine and it really just screams Spring and Summer and Warm Sunshine.  While little Miss Whimsy and I were at one of her cheer competitions we discovered a new store.  New to us anyway and pretty new overall to the country.  This chain is opening like gangbusters across the USA.  I think they had something incredible like 23 openings in various states this month alone.  Let me introduce you to Charming Charlie if you have not already met.  What is it you say?  It is first of all a girls dream no matter what age.  An accessorie store full of color coordinated sections of costume jewelry, shoes, handbags, scarves and so much more.  When you walk into the store your pulse quickens.  You are overwhelmed and slightly dizzy.   Sadly when we discovered Charming Charlies in D.C. we had no time to shop because we were on Cheer time.  A couple week back Little Miss had her final competition of the season and it was in Atlanta.  We opted to take the charter bus down because my back had not been operated on yet and sitting and driving long distances was not my friend.  Another mom drove and when she showed up to the venue for competition she was carrying this adorable handbag.  I commented profusely on it  and she then informed me that a Charming Charlies was opening up in Greensboro (which is an hour and a half from us) on April 27th.  "Ahhhhh",  I said "I will forever be deprived of Charming Charlies because my surgery is the 20th and I can't drive afterwards for some time!"  On the 27th I came home from my doctors office to find this handbag on my front porch.  This lovely friend drove to Greensboro to get this bag for me because she knew I had admired it so much and wanted to brighten my day with a GET WELL gift.  I am greatly touched.  If ever you question the people around you or feel like you are not thought about wait until something happens.  I have been surrounded by love.  Blessed with meals from neighbors.  Calls from friends.  Lovely flowers and so much more.  I can only be humbled.  Please know I appreciate every email and every post.  I hope to be able to post more regularly here on my blog now.  So stop in and see me every once and awhile and know that a smile is on my face when I am reading your kind words.  Blessings and have a terrific week!
P.S. I was told by a reader of my blog that she had tried to comment and had received a message telling her that I was not receiving comments at this time.  I have no idea why that happend.  Please know if ever you can't leave a message on this blog, you can reach me by email at