Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunny Yellow in A Girls Bath

For this metamorphosis Monday I am happy to share a project done by a friend of mine.  My friend is a talented Faux finisher in St. Petersberg Florida.  She recently completed her daughters bathroom.  

The bath before had great bones but needed some pizazz!

A sunny yellow was chosen for the walls.  She also did a wonderful damask on the yellow in white.  Black accents were added.  Sometimes black and yellow can come across harsh but not this time.  She kept the black light and fun by choosing elements like polka dot towels.

To dress up an otherwise bland shower stall she added a great Barley twist poll and fun curtain.  Isn't this  curtain great?  It was purchased at Target then dressed up by sewing the yellow pom pom fringe on the lead side.  I love it!

Carrying the damask pattern onto the ceiling creates even more interest.

As luck would have it she found the perfect bath mat at Target as well.  It looks like it was made for the bath!  Turquoise tiles along the perimeter of the bath add a third color of interest and she repeated this color in her art work.

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did.  Thanks to my friend for her willingness to share!  To find more wonderful transformations visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
Have a Fabulous week!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Won't You Join Me For Brunch Out On The Porch?"

Hello everyone.  Since I am still not up and about and my old self just yet.......I have plenty of time to dream about getting my porch and yard ready for Summer.  With that in mind I thought I would bring back an old Tablescape Thursday to share.  It is one of my personal favorites and it fits in with my yearning for time outdoors on my porch.  Hope you enjoy it the second time around as much as you did the first.  If this is your first time visiting this Tablescape....enjoy!

Welcome to another Tablescape Thursday. My second. Please join Susan at BetweenNapsonthePorch for more wonderful tables.

Come sit awhile. Would you like some tea?

Nothing evokes southern style more than spending time out on the porch in the spring. I have lived on my porch this week. Reading, lounging and dreaming about the improvements I want to make to it. I sit and admire my hydrangea bushes which are in full bloom. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, are they yours?

I mentioned before that tablescapes are not a regular thing for me. As it happens though, since I have been spending so much time on my porch I decided to invite a friend over for brunch. Where else but on the porch! I just had to clip some of those hydrangeas for my table. I placed them in a blue transferware pitcher and added a fun tassel. The little white birdie decided to fly off my shelf and join us too.

I love toile and I love transferware. I love how you can mix it up and it becomes even better than it was when all the pieces matched. That is just what I did for this table for two. I can't resist picking up a plate here and there. I never worry about finding what to do with it. I am a creature of color and pattern and I always seem to find a way to make things work together that I love. I placed a simple plain white table cloth on the table and then added a folded piece of blue toile across the top. I had this fabric left from a panel I had made for my last home. I knew I would use it again some day!

I have had these tea cups since we got married. Over the past 19 years some have gone the way of the trash after a drop or two. The same holds true for the saucers. That doesn't bother me though it just gives me the opportunity to mix in another saucer! This one if from the Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles collection.

I found this plate for $3 on the clearance aisle of HomeGoods awhile back. I love the pheasants. There was only one plate but I grabbed it!

These red Waverly plates were purchased years ago at Target. I originally bought them for the soffit area in the kitchen of my last home. They were displayed there for 3 years. Now I get to use them on my table. The pattern is Waverly Fruit Toile.

I mixed the pheasant salad plate with a Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles transferware plate in red. My daily Pottery Barn plates were just large enough to peak out beneath the Johnson Brothers plate.

The sun is just breaking through out back and bringing all the colors of the garden to life.

~Blue Hydrangea, my favorite!~

~Brunch for two~

I love pillows and the way they cozy up a seat. I pulled my red and blue toile ones out for this setting.

I used a combination of these transferware plates for my table today.

Don't be afraid to mix it up. It adds intimacy and history to your table.

~I had to share my lovely pink hydrangea too!~

Thanks for joining me for an intimate brunch out on the porch. make sure to stop by tomorrow for Froodie Friday so I can share what was on the menu for this brunch. To view more wonderful tablescapes join Susan over at Betweennapsontheporch for this weekly event. Have a blessed Thursday!