Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little New Home Feature Tour

Recently I had the opportunity to look at some new homes in my area. I love looking at homes period. I never tire of it and am always critiquing as well as admiring all the aspects used (or not) in homes. Our area is fortunate enough to have some fantastic custom builders. Every year many of them join the Parade of Homes tour and the public non- home shoppers get to view their work. My friend is in the market for a new home and asked me to go home browsing with her this past weekend. I jumped at the chance. Here are just a few home interiors as well as a couple exteriors that caught my eye. I will warn you I did not have my camera on hand and I got many of these pictures off of the MLS listing. The result are pictures that don't come close to doing justice on how gorgeous these homes were IRL. Hopefully you will enjoy them anyway and see past the poor photos. Enjoy!

A lovely Cape Cod Style Home

I love the large wrap around porch on this one.

This dining room caught your eye as soon as you walked through the door. This belongs to the white brick home in the first photo above.

A fun combination of colors for these striped walls. This was just from one of the random homes we looked at that I did not get a picture of the outside of the home for.

I loved this mud room. A clever use of chalk board paint and molding. Perfect for a busy family!

This homes molding and doors as well as some cabinets were all painted a taupe color. It was very striking. This is the inside of that Cape Cod. This home was my favorite and I can't tell you how incredibly stunning it was IRL.

The kitchen of the Cape Cod. The picture falls short.
Another view of this incredible kitchen. Look at the cathedral molding in the glass front cabinet doors. Striking! Although the bones of this home were very traditional the finishes were contemporary at times. Notice the pendant lights and stainless steel sink with their contemporary lines mixed in with the traditional cabinets.

Sigh, this is the master bath of the Cape Cod. The cabinets were stunning and they had over sized crystal knobs on them. The claw foot tub speaks for itself. I think my friend and I may have just gasped out loud when we entered this bath. We both are denying this but I am pretty sure it happened!

Same cape cod home, a jack and Jill bathroom. They allotted plenty of storage above these pedestal sinks by custom building a medicine cabinet that spanned the entire wall area. It had three doors and a lot of shelf space inside. Very clever design and a great way to combat the no storage dilemma of the pedestal sink.

The home with the wrap around porch was fully decorated inside. It had
an upstairs lounge area. Out of the picture there is a wonderful kitchenette with bar.

The dining room of the same home.

This home had a lovely family room done in warm woods.

The kitchen of this home shared the same warm wood with the accent of a black island.

This is the master bathroom of the the white brick home shown in the first photo of this post. It was simply huge. It was also very striking with its black, white and chrome color palette.

You could do some ballroom dancing on this bathroom floor it was so expansive!

Below are just some random pictures from the homes we looked at. I have no pictures for the outside of these homes.

I love the glass feature up high in the doors.

The use of bead board above the hood of this stove top makes the area stand out. Painting it white and keeping the rest of the cabinets the warm wood tone also makes the area a feature.

Placing a tray ceiling above the island is a great way to expand the space in a kitchen. This kitchen had the most beautiful hammered copper farm sink. I could have sworn I got a picture of it but it escapes me.

The master bathroom vanity in this home made storage a feature by flanking the sinks with glass front cabinets.

One more pedestal tub. This time in copper. The shower was a walk through. It had doors on each end and took up the expanse of wall behind the tub area. You can see on the left how the hall on the other side is exposed. There was a shower door on that side too!

Hope you had fun browsing through some new homes with me today. Have a wonderful week!


  1. Wow, they are all just gorgeous. I love all the wonderful moldings and ceiling detail the best in all of them. Just so pretty. What a dream. Hugs, Marty

  2. OH MY! That is all just stunning!!! Thanks so much for the tour! Nancy

  3. They are all so beautiful. Just a little too fancy for me, but I sure enjoyed the tour!! Sally

  4. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful homes!

  5. Fabulous homes! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure they even more spectacular in person. What price range for these homes? I know they are much more than I could ever afford. But it's always fun to see homes around the country & see what they cost.

  6. Oh those were just beautiful!! I loved the bathroom with the clawfoot tub....ahhhh, like a dream!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Gorgeous homes!! I don't think I could fill one room up!!

    I can really tell you like the Cape Cod. I loved the interior, but the wrap around porch of the second photo was saying hello to me!!


  8. Love it all! That bath floor is just fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing them.


  9. They're all just beautiful! That wrap around porch is out of this world. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I really enjoyed that tour. Just love southern style. The builders here in Oklahoma City all think tht we need "old world style". This translates to brown...brown walls, brown carpet, humongous rooms that are dark. I don't get it! I (am my friends) much prefer the style you have shown here. :)

  11. You are right about that cape cod house. It's gorgeous in and out...Christine

  12. What beautiful homes and rooms.
    My my!
    And, the pictures of your home on the right are gorgeous too!

    Thanks for the treat.


  13. I did enjoy the tour - a lot! I also love touring homes and would go any time I had the chance. Those bathrooms are incredible - the kitchens too. Whew! I'd have a hard time deciding if I had the opportunity to buy one of these. laurie

  14. I love peeking inside homes! These pictures are just beautiful. I love the homes...but, to be honest, I've done the "big home" and I'll be happy with my little cottage! Thanks for the tour!


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