Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Napkin Ring

Hello everyone. I thought I better get back on here and let everyone know that YES my blog is still active. I do apologize for my absence. Summer with three kids at home allows me little time to do my "me stuff". When I am not running them around or getting my occasional tennis match in I am usually rolling into bed at the state of barely making it before my head hits the pillow! Throw in a couple out of town vacations and well you get the picture. It is so kind of y'all to send me your kind words of enquiry and concern. Please know until my kids get back into school which is the end of August here, my blog posts will be random and few. I too can't wait to have the time to do more blogging. I really had planned on doing a tablescape post to share for Tablescape Thursday. I even pulled out a set of plates and some lovely napkins. That is where I got stuck. I really wanted some napkin rings to use for this tablescape. I realized I really don't have a whole lot of napkin rings. Come to think if it while shopping I don't even "see" any huge variety of napkin rings for sale. That quickly led to a mad online search for unique napkin rings. Surprisingly there are not a ton out there. Is the art of the napkin ring a thing of the past? I sure hope not because they are the absolute jewelry and bling to add to your table setting. . I was able to pull some lovely ones out of a hat or as the case would be off of some web sites and thought I would share them with you today. After all the napkin ring is certainly an integral party of the tablescape. First up are the adorable bunny ones above. Aren't they great? I think they would be simply fantastic in an all white table setting. They are indeed the ones I have chosen to purchase on my little shopping spree. These beauties can be found hopping around over at TheFrenchCountryFarm

Now look at these lemon ones! Oh fun and I can just picture them on an outdoor patio setting ala Tuscan style. They look pretty simple and I would bet could even be made quite easily. You can find these at SurlaTable

Parsley , sage, rose, mary and thyme............yes that is right herbs. I love the simplicity of these. They could be used on a table with a lot of texture and natural elements. I somehow can't find them again sadly. I thought I had saved each website I visited during my shopping time but alas could not find the link to these. I just had to share them anyway! Now the following napkin rings below can all be found at Neimanmarcus and horchow . These two sister companies definitely had the largest selection.

I just want to wear these on my fingers. Talk about some bling!

I love these coral ones. They are simply fantastic! Can't you see them on a table with grass cloth place mats and coral and sand center pieces? Maybe some drift wood just for fun?

Chiffon pom poms, what fun! Seriously though as soon as I saw these I immediately thought of some hair bands I used to put in little Miss Whimsy's hair when she was smaller. In fact I am pretty sure they still sell these very hair pieces as Target! I may have to go buy a card of them and use them as napkin rings. Stay tuned!

Beaded beauty in green. This dragonfly certainly has a lot of detail to it. It is pretty.

Crystal chandeliers in napkin ring form! I would love to see these on black napkins. They would be stunning. I can see them on a black and white geometric pattern inspired contemporary table. Tre' Chic!

Last I found these crystal flowers. I thought they were quite feminine and pretty. I like how they placed it on this butterfly embroidered napkin. These were also at surlatable

Thanks for joining me on my napkin ring scouting trip. Which were your favorite? It is hard to choose isn't it? They have inspired me to make some of my own napkin rings. This might just be a fun project to take on. You know with all that extra time I have had on my hands these days! Have a wonderful week and stay cool.


  1. I agree, napkin rings can add bling and sparkle to a table setting. You've shown some great choices.


  2. I have noticed the same lack of napkin rings out there and I agree, they are a big part of a tablesetting. They really have to "go with" the theme or the dishes. Stores carry limited supplies and I usually don't care for what I see (ol' picky me!).

    So....I am happy to see that you have taken a lot of work out of the search for napkin rings for me!! Thanks so much. The pics are great. I am going to try Horchow first because I need new dishtowels too! lol.

    I hope the summer stress wears off soon, KD!


  3. Oh KD, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has been neglecting my blog. I just got back after a long haitus and half expected to lose all of my followers! I've always been a huge fan of your blog and I just love seeing pix of your lovely home. Have a great day!

  4. I love napkin rings too and I have a tough time finding cute ones. I love the ones you shared!

  5. I loved this one! You're right - I can't find napkin rings either. I'm a fan of whimsy & nope - not a one have I found. I may give up & start using some of my beading supplies to make my own. ☺ Diane

  6. Don't you just love napkin rings? I certainly do. I always think they're like jewelry for the table. I especially LOVE those bunny rabbit napkin rings. Thanks for sharing. Happy TT to you!

  7. I am sadly lacking in the napkin ring category as well..thanks for the nice ideas.

  8. They are all very pretty! I have some unusual napkin rings featured this time too - cameos!


  9. I love naplin rings, they really make a table don't they? Those coral rings are fantastic, I really love them! :O) Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

  10. Interesting topic for TT! I have a few different napkin rings though not too unique. My SiL gave me those "chandelier" type ones for Christmas last year and they really do add "bling" to the table. I haven't tried them with black napkins though and will do so at your suggestion! Thanks!


  11. Because they are hard to find in stores, I do most of my searching on Ebay...Christine

  12. What an interesting post... I often overlook using napkin rings, mostly because I don't have many and usually don't find many styles I like. I love the lemon rings you shared...and the fun pompoms. Thanks for sharing your research.

    Enjoy your summer with the kids...they really do grow up fast.
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  13. You know you're right. I haven't seen many napkin ring sets lately. What's that about?

    I love all of the resource ideas you have given us,

  14. Napkin rings are so fun. You can use just about anything. Yours are nice:)

  15. I looooove napkin rings and I love the dragonfly napkin rings. I'm constantly on the lookout for unique ones!


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