Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Chandelier

The holidays are certainly upon us. In fact I think they are rather like a locomotive plowing full steam ahead! I can't believe that Thanksgiving has already exited and we are ushering in Christmas. With no time to spare I got to work on my Christmas decor. I started with my dining room chandelier. The picture above is actually taken as a reflection in the dining room mirror. I love how the light just radiates warmth.

I decided upon a gold and frosted fruit theme for my dining room this year. I felt that the gold silk on the inside of the chandelier shades was screaming for something subtle. The shades are a black silk but in these pictures the light seems to be making them come across navy.

Here is a shot during the day with the lights off. As you can see I took the greenery, ribbon and frosted fruit down from the ceiling.

This picture was taken right after my wallpaper was put up. No drapery panels or anything yet. I wanted to give you a peak at the chandelier without anything on it and this was the only picture I could find!

I really piled on the ribbon and greenery to make it lush and full.

I love this fruit frosted with gold. I used gold dusted faux magnolia garland.

The colors in the fruit look beautiful at night with the light hitting them and they compliment my plaid silk panels.

A lot of layering went on to make this one happen!

I picked up two rolls of this pretty scrolled gold ribbon on sale at Michael's. I love how the light plays off of the glitter in the ribbon.

I twisted the ribbon down from the ceiling as well and left loops at the top to cascade down.

What are you doing to your chandeliers this season? Don't forget to check out more creations and inspiration at Susan's Metamorphosis Mondays at Between Naps on the Porch by clicking here. Have a terrific week!


  1. Its beautiful. I'll bet you won't want to take it down after the holidays.

  2. Thank you very much, I now have
    CHANDY ENVY !!!!!
    I love it - so I must sulk cuz, I don't have a chandy...

  3. Oh, that is plain gorgeous! Love all the layering and the ribbon twirling. Beautiful job.

    P.S. I REALLY love that wallpaper!!! WOW!!

  4. Beautiful job! I have never attempted to deoorate my chandelier, now I want to!

  5. Beautiful! I haven't done anything to the chandelier yet, but I'm thinking about it. Thanks for the inspiration. Sally

  6. I love your dining room changes! The soft blue walls are so calming and your Christmas tree and chandlier decorations are stunning! So pretty! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  7. You make decorating a chandelier look simple. Very nice!

  8. This is just gorgeous! I love how full you've made it will all the garland, ribbon, and fruit. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love what you did with your chandelier. Decorating it from the ceiling down really makes it complete. I have to decorate mine this year. I usually change my blue and white shades to red and I have lost my shades, so I must compensate with lots and lots of greenery and ribbon. I have tons of berries so may have to work them in.

  10. Oh my - sooo much prettier than your cell phone pic you sent me. LOL The layering is wonderful and gives it depth and fullness. I love, love the glitzy magnolia leaves. I have looked for that everywhere to no avail. I am glad you took it all the way up to the ceiling. Gives it that Southern grandeur look. I cant wait to see it in person on Wednesday!! Can you believe it? Wednesday! yoohoo

  11. Very pretty, Christmas chandelier!

  12. Oh my that is gorgeous! I have the same chandelier shades, black on outside with gold lining. Now you just gave me a good idea for the chain cover etc. Thanks, will be much more festive that way too.
    And Wow on your banner photo, that at your place too, oh be still my heart, gorgeous!!! Loving that red comfy chair, the mantel, all of it dreamy!

  13. Ah, but it's not just ANY locomotive ploughing full steam ahead - it's the POLAR EXPRESS! Exciting! Love the lights. I love the colour of your shades as well. xx


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