Friday, March 27, 2009

Love Affair With Monograms

I have a life long love for the monogram. I never tire of them. They surround my life in both my home and on my personal items. When we married our napkins and invitations had the classic monogram. A new letter layout for me I mourned losing my maiden name "W". The "W" was so symmetrical and it just looked so perfect to me centered in between my initials. My married name begins with an "R" and it just looked so lopsided to me! I of course embraced it and now the "R" is firmly rooted into my life. SHhhhh I secretly miss my "W" 19 years later! I wonder if my daughter will feel that way about the "R"? I wear my silver monogrammed toggle chain every day. I am not a huge jewelry wearer. This piece rarely leaves me though.
I found this great green R at a local decor store I love "The Ivy Cottage". They always have unique items and I can spend hours browsing the store.

One of my blog friends recently inquired about the lamp shades on my buffet lamps.

These did not come monogrammed. You can take a shade to a place that monograms and have a letter (or 3) done on the shade. Usually the shade does need to be more of a square or rectangle and not have any curve or too much slope to it. It really adds a unique touch to plain shades.

My "R" wall in my stairway. I can keep adding "R's" as I find them until this wall is full from floor to ceiling!

You can find me out on the tennis courts anywhere from 3-5 days a week depending on the weather. What would a proper tennis bag be without a hot pink monogram?

When I was in Furniture Land South in High Point I spotted this pink dresser monogrammed and I am saving the idea for a future project for my daughters room. Love it!

My key chain even has my letter on it. Just in case I forget they are mine!

Dear Mr. Whimsy even bought me a monogrammed robe 2 Christmas's ago. Does he know me or what? These are just a few of my many things that are monogrammed. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I'm very into monograms these days as well. I absolutely LOVE your lampshades!


  2. Ohhhh, love me some monograms! I am actually on the hunt for the "perfect" monogrammed purse.
    I am lucky....I upgraded from a "J" to an "H".....ahhhhhh, nice an symmetrical!


    Robin :o)

  3. I love all you monograms but the hall ones are really inspired.

    Have A Fabulous Friday
    from Roberta Ann--the Raggedy Girl

  4. I love monograms too, thanks for some additional ideas!

  5. I went from "M" to "W." I found a pair of brass William & Mary cypher monograms (I think they're trivets) that I really need to do something with.

    Thank you for reminding me of them - I'll have to post when I get them done.

    And phooey - I just remembered I'm supposed to be "unplugged" today! At least I did half a day.


  6. I've recently started loving monograms. What a fun new thing to collect. You can say you were the trend setter since you've always loved them. :)

  7. Hi KD...cute story about marrying an "R"...I don't think I have one thing monogrammed, but I'd get an "A" if I did...LOL I LOVE your stair wall! ;-) Bo

  8. I love monograms, but my last name begins with an O and that really does nothing for me. I love my DH and wouldn't change a thing, but the O just doesn't do it. I like your R, I think it is great. Hugs, Marty

  9. I went from a L to a S to a C. I just started loving monograms this past year. I only have a pillow on my bed, some hand towels in our bathroom (from Home Goods) and a couple of letters to hang on the wall. I would love more. I really like yours. Especially the lamp shades. That is so fab!

  10. We are all alike! My february 16th post, Initial Reactions, is about my love of monograms.

    Your lamp shades are wonderful.

    I really enjoy visiting your blog.


  11. I went from an H, to a C, to an L, to an R, to a G. Just kidding!!!!
    I haven't been married that many times...I did not have an L. :-D (JK)

    I think I mentioned before that I actually collect "B's" b/c both Mr Grits and my first name start with B. It started out with (2) B's I bought to go on each side of our bed to help us remember who's side was who's. LOL I guess I am just wierd. (hush Robin, I heard you second that!)

  12. Your letters are cute and so are the lamps. I love visiting your blog. I get inspiration. Linda

  13. Love all your monogramed things! Especially those lamps!

  14. C J A totally loves your post. I too have a monogramed purse that I just love. I want to find someone here in Missouri that would do the lamp shades. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Hi KD....I'm so glad your daughter enjoyed visiting with my staff! I don't have as many momograms as I did as a teenager. My prized piece of jewelry, however, is a gold pin made of my monogram. It was a high school graduation gift and I still wear it! Have a great wekend...Debbie

  16. I love monograms too. I just ordered some coffee mugs from Anthropoligie a couple days ago. I have always wanted monogram ones. There are times i miss my maiden name too. Alot easier to sign my name then. mishelle

  17. Monogramming everything is one of my obsessions!

  18. I see so many monograms in decorating today and I just love it! What a fun way to express yourself.
    The lampshapes are beautiful!

  19. We are monogram lovers here as well!!!!

  20. thanks so much for responding. the lamp shades are FAB!!! SAL

  21. I'm crazy about monograms, too! Hey, don't worry too much about your least it doesn't spell a word...which my Monogram does!
    :-( Mine used to be it's SHE , see what I mean...UGH! If I wear a monogrammed sweater people go around calling me "she" all day...guess it could be worse. LOL


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