Tuesday, March 10, 2009

South Carolina or BUST!

Why were we in South Carolina you might ask, okay well maybe you aren't asking, but I am going to tell you we were there for little Miss Whimsy's cheer competition. Five down and three more to go! My daughters team took second. Way to go girls! But it wasn't all cheer and games.....okay it mostly was all cheer but we did have time for some fun lunches and dinners out and a nice tour of the University of South Carolina. Of course there is always time for creative photography if you are a tween. Here is Miss Whimsy and some of her team mates. Do you know which one she is? They really all look alike once they get their hair up and their make-up on don't they? My little Miss is the one on the far right.

The weather was outstanding and WARM! We ate our lunches and dinners in an area called The Vista. It offers a lot of fun resturants many with patio seating which was a must!

We were lucky enough to be able to take a driving tour of USC. Miss Whimsy loved it and has decided that this may be another option if Harvard doesn't work out! Just between you and I.......unless we win the lottery Harvard most likely will not be an option. I will let her keep dreaming ......afterall she is only 10! Here is a lovely area of the USC campus.

I would have loved to study (or sleep) under one of these beautiful oak trees! My college was a concrete jungle! This was so pretty!

USC was established in 1801. Some of the original buildings are still standing. How fun would it be to attend class in a nice antebellum greek revival?

Or just stroll to class on a brick path?

No tour would be complete without viewing some of the lovely old homes around campus. This was one of my favorites.

This one looked like it was recently renovated.

As did this one. At first I thought it was a new build amongst the older homes. But then I looked at the lovely front door and side windows. Stunning and original even though much of the restoration was not.

I loved this cottage. Look at the rounded arched front door. How charming!

Another one of my favorites. I loved the old street lamps too!

A big ol stately brick.

I would love to get my hands on this one and restore it. Look at the lovely sun room above the porta cochere!!! Bliss!

Miss Whimsy's next competition is down in Florida. I hope it is as fun as this one was. Hope y'all enjoy looking at old homes as much as I do! I may just have to find some down in Florida!


  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. Tell Miss Whimsy congrats on the 2nd place finish for me!

  2. Congratulations to your Daughter's Team!!

    The buildings are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos!


    Robin :o)

  3. Congrats to Miss Whimsy on the team's win. The tour was delightful, thanks for sharing. My favorite is the one you want to renovate!

  4. The pictures were great. I can't believe how much make-up those babies wear. Ha. Oh my!

    Congrats to the team!


  5. Big congratulations to little Miss Whimsey & her team! I loved seeing these stately old homes too! ;-) Bo

  6. Congratulations to Miss Whimsey, what a wonderful experience for her and such memories for a lifetime. I love the old homes, they are just fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  7. These pictures are lovely! My alma mater. Yeaa. So fun to see the HorseShoe again. Did the girls like the campus? Congratulations on their accomplishment.

  8. Isn't my home town gorgeous;) Glad you enjoyed it there really is a ton to see here;) And Congrats to the girls!! French;)

  9. I love college towns. They are so charming, and so is your daughter!...Christine

  10. Loved the eye make-up--too cute and the house tour especially the house with that sun porch car port thingie.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday
    from a Raggedy Roberta Anne

  11. It brought back memories of my daughters. Loved it.
    The homes are beautiful. Not for me in my lifetime though...darn it.

  12. Congrats for your daughter's team! I remember when I was a cheerleader...things were so different then...we just basically yelled and twisted around!

  13. After seeing these cute grils - I have decided that I am going to start wearing "cheer" make-up like this everyday in my real estate business. LOL How happy they look!
    I am drooling over some of these homes (i liked your fave too) and what a joy to see the campus pics. I just love old Southern campuses and college towns.


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