Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Resorting To The CrockPot

As you may or may not have noticed I have not been around much over the past 10 days The kids are out of school Mr Whimsy is out of town and life is jumping ahead at full speed over here at the Whimsy household. Every time I think I can come up for air and catch my breath I go under again! Having three kids at home full time is no vacation for moi! I am going to do my best to keep things lively here in blog land and participate in as many fun Meme's as possible. I fear that most days I will be resorting to the crock pot to keep life running over here in as non frantic of a fashion as I can manage. Oh and I thought toddlers were difficult HAHA!
Remember Saturday is our third Summer Salad Saturday. I know not many have been participating but to those who have thank you! I love the recipes.
Have a SANE week!


  1. I love using my crock pot, it makes life sooo much easier!

    I hope you find some time to do something for yourself!

  2. KD,

    If you have any good crock pot recipes, pass them along. Besides no hands on cooking, you are not heating the kitchen up with the oven.

    I can't promise, but I usually make salads on Friday to bring to the lake. Maybe I can post one and help spread the word about your meme. I think it is a great idea!!


  3. I'm hoping to participate but have a sick computer. Just making a few visits on my son's laptop. Thank you for hosting the salad parties. I could eat salad daily so it's fun to get new recipes.

  4. Crockpots are a life saver for me. Sandra Lee has a good crockpot recipe book. I also can't live w/out my grill during the summer months. I wish I lived closer to you so I could cook for you. I could be your personal chef and you could finish all my decorating projects for me. You know, b/c you have so much time on your hands. LOL

    Hang in there. :-)

  5. Bless your heart. Enjoy the crazy summer schedule while you can. The years go by so fast that you will have them in college before you know it!

  6. I hear ya! Things are crazy around here too, what with out-of-town guests, our son's high school graduation, and some friends' wedding all coming up in the next couple days.

    I can't believe more people haven't joined in for Summer Salad Saturdays. I have always loved just about any kind of salad, so I really appreciate you running this meme.

    By the way, read your post about the concert. My daughter and I love Taylor Swift. And cool is it that you got to meet him? He was my favorite that season.

  7. KD, I TOTALLY understand. The kids being home has turned life a little topsy turvy! Don't you love it though? I think Summer Salad Saturdays is a great idea-I'll try to pull something together this week. My daughter decided we needed a blog, so I'm learning as we go. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Hi KD,
    I've been out of Blogland for a while too...I like the idea of using crockpots...I'll keep an eye out for some great salad recipes! ;-) Bo


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