Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gearing Up For Fall

With only 15 days until October 1st (can you believe that?) I thought I would start gearing up for fall decor. I love decorating in the fall. I think I love fall decor even more than Christmas because most of it can be disposed of once the season is over instead of packed away. I don't know about you but packing up Christmas decor is one of my least favorite things to do. I found some inspiration pictures all involving pumpkins. These are just some of my favorite and all were found on Better Homes And Gardens web site. Starting with my favorite the monogram which I have mentioned I have an obsession with! I plan on trying this one out this year.

Look at this beautiful "pumpkin abra" done with stenciled pumpkins.

A fun rustic bench of painted pumpkins in different patterns.

Another favorite of mine....harlequins and look they are painted on the center pumpkin here!

I love this one too. Your house number carved in a stack of pumpkins. It could easily be done on a single pumpkin too!

House numbers again on a single pumpkin this time with patterned pumpkins.

Polka dots? These look painted but they are actually done with a corer and punched out of different veggies then replaces back into other pumpkins. Fun!

A Folk Art Pumpkin Quilt.

A fun place setting that would be easy to incorporate.

Another fun idea to do with a corer. Loved the spelled out word!

More painted pumpkins.

A fun fall setting done with pumpkins and rustic yard tools. I love all these fun ideas and am ready to try a few. I think I will work with the artificial pumpkins you can buy at the craft stores as they will last longer. Are you ready to start on your fall decorating? Hope you were inspired.


  1. Oh, those pics get me excited about fall!!! I love them all!!!


  2. KD - your home is GORGEOUS! Will ya come decorate mine? please pretty please with a well you know.

  3. What clever ideas and the pictures are all just gorgeous. I love the painted ones. So cute. Hugs, Marty

  4. Great inspiration pics. I'd love to make some of those pumpkins. It's feeling a bit like fall here but I'm leaving today for California to help with yet to be born grandson. It's still very much summer there.

  5. What wonderful inspiration these photos are. I really like the Boo! pumpkins, and the colorful polka dotted ones are so cute! Love the white "richard scary" faced one too!
    Adorable - all of them!

  6. I am totally inspired!!! I love the plaid painted pumpkin...too cute!!!


  7. Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love all the pumpkin pictures! Great ideas. :D Jewel

  9. What great ideas! I love the house number idea, and the "polka dots" are just too cute. Thanks for the inspiration pics. Kathy

  10. Great pics....fall is closing in quickly

  11. Can't wait to go buy some pumpkins. The first thing I have to try is the house #. Thanks for such lovely ideas.

  12. Oh my gosh! For a bit I thought all of those goodies were at your home and I thought..this woman is a dynamo!! :) Wonderful ideas, all! Thank you for sharing them. I am indeed inspired. Not...really into carving pumpkins anymore though. After Seven little ones all 13 months apart...I am about carved out. But...I will come and look at your. Ok? :)

  13. Thanks for all of this inspiration! I enjoyed seeing every photo you posted. Great ideas. laurie


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