Monday, September 28, 2009

If You Give A Girl A Pumpkin......

She will decide she needs to make a topiary out of it with a monogram.......

Which will prompt her to pull out some baskets she has had in the closet since spring.......

She will need to Paint them so they match!

Which involves picking up a can of Colonial Red spray paint.

On her way to get the paint she decides she needs to stop at Michael's for some fall foliage for the baskets.......

She finds what she needs to fill said french basket which is now painted colonial red!

Then the weather is so gorgeous in North Carolina today she decided she needs to stay outside as long as possible. After she hangs her french baskets full of fall foliage on the door she.....

Places her fall wreath up as well......

Black eyed Susan's, green hydrangea, fall leaves .......

She decided to dress her rockers for fall as well......

Just one more peak at the baskets.........

She adds some pillows to her rockers........

She places her pumpkin topiaries in urns on the porch...........

She decided to put up some Halloween fun......

and lines her walk way with iron luminaries.........

she adds some signs to her shutters........

and because she wants to stay outside as long as possible she plants her fall mums..........

If you give a girl a pumpkin you never know what the day will bring. Join Susan for more Met Monday action over at Between Naps On The Porch.


  1. Wow, you've been a busy gal! This all looks great - and by the way, I LOVE your front door! And those iron luminarias are adorable. Looks like you had a fun day. Hope you have a great week. Kathy

  2. She created such an inviting and pretty fall entrance to her home. Great job. laurie

  3. KD...this is so cute. Your post reminds me sooooo much of a book I used to read to my son when he was was called, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. :-) Love, love, love your red baskets with the fall flowers on your doors...they are perfect! You really got a lot accomplished!
    Oh...and to answer your question...most of Angela's tassels are one of a kind. Occasionally, she will make two that are somewhat similar, but from what I've seen, they are all different/unique.
    Loved your Met Monday post!

  4. Your baskets turned out great...very welcoming on your doors, cute post, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. Your porch looks so inviting and festive. And while looking at your pictures on your sidebar, I saw your plaid drapes and they are beautiful.

  6. How very, very pretty! Your doors are gorgeous too! ~Rhonda :)

  7. I love the baskets on the doors! Not too small, not too big! They look great! Great decorizing!

  8. She must have a creative spirit about her for her house looks all set for fall. Did she ever get the cookie? That book was one of my boys favorites (If you give a Mouse a Cookie)


  9. Love the Fall baskets---so handy dany nice!! I am looking foward to cooler temps on Tuesday---It was 90 here in SC

  10. I love the baskets & all your fall & Halloween decor. Want to come decorate my front porch?

  11. You were a busy lady! Everything looks great! I really like your door baskets and would like to find something similar to use here. The color that you used will look great with Christmas greenery, too!

  12. Such pretty fall decorations; what fun reminding so many of past reading times with our children. Smiles all around.

  13. I love it....I adore your porch - so creative too !

  14. Sounds like a wonderful day! We are now having cold and windy weather here in Michigan. I love all of your outdoor decorating! Great idea with the baskets!

  15. I love it! Monograms are so great and personal. I love the door baskets...probably my favorite find.

  16. It all looks darling! Who doesn't love a covered porch?! And I am stealing the topiary monogram thing, love that.
    Mine might be a little different but still I like it.

  17. OH I love what you did with those baskets!!!! Love it all!!! Nancy

  18. Toooo Precious!!! I love everything you did....and the monogram is just what else my decor needs!


    Robin ;o)

  19. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!! I still haven't gotten my fall stuff out and here we are in October!

  20. Your porch is fabulous! I love that monogrammed pumpkin.

  21. Love the rocking chairs on your porch. Thanks for linking up! Your porch looks fabulous!


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