Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Top 5 Middle School Must Haves

Last week Little Miss Whimsy had her Middle School Orientation for 6th grade. Besides her taking a shower and having me blow her hair dry and straighten it with a straitening iron and agonizing over what to wear, she took the whole thing in stride. I on the other hand did not take it very well. None the less it came and went without event. Or so I thought. So begins our list of MUST HAVES for 6th grade. After all I am pretty sure the world might just stop revolving on its axis if we don't have these by August 25th. Mind you I am really more worried as to whether I am going to have to labor over that whole hair routine every day. What a pain! She inherited my thick wavy hard to manage hair so I guess I am to blame. Which leads me to another must have which I guess would make it 6 MUST HAVES but since I do not have a picture of said hairstyle I will not count it in. What is this hair style you ask? Or maybe you didn't ask but I will tell you....the "side" bang" . After months of begging She got her hair cut with the side bangs two weeks ago. As far as I can tell the difference between a side bang and regular bangs are that they are cut at a long angle and hang in your face vs a regular bang that actually stays out of your eyes and covers your forehead. Sorry I digress where were we ahhhh yes 5 Must Haves. Number 1 a cell phone with key board. Preferably a phone that flips up. This is a very popular model with the middle schoolers. They don't mention the unlimited texting plan that you will need to pay monthly for if you still want to have money for your mortgage. Number 2 the Abercrombie canvas bag. No back packs for middle school girls anymore? Guess not she insists that she HAS to HAVE a bag.

The Vera Bradley lunch bag. Miss Whimsy's choice is Purple Punch shown below. No sack lunches like her brothers carry for her....no sir!

A pair or two or three of Rainbow Flip Flops. I am relieved to tell you she already has a pair in green. That is one thing off the list. I think.

Ugg Boots. Another relief she got some for Christmas. Tall black ones. Whew and lucky me she will most likely have out grown them by this coming winter so I will be asked to buy her another pair!

Thinking back to my middle school days I remember my top 5 must haves which were as follows
1. A Jan Sport back pack (some things never change)
2. Van slip on shoes
3. Osh Kosh Painters pants in pastel colors (blue, yellow, pink and white)
4. Dittos Saddle back Jeans
5. Feathered Hair
Which brings me to my last thought. What my boys needed for middle school............a #2 pencil.


  1. I laughed at your last comment about your boys only needing #2 pencil. How true!!! I only had boys so I lucked out. Good luck getting your daughter everything she "needs".

  2. Ah...the side bangs...we're dealing with that too at the moment. The princess is in 8th grade and getting ready to jump into high school this fall.

    We've done the Vera Bradley tote, side bangs, flip phone with text plan (she pays for that out of her allowance), and just switched from glasses to contacts.

  3. I'm 39 and I would still love to have everything on the Middle School list.

    HaHa about the boys needing a pencil. My oldest will be in High School next year, he does not care one bit about it. Didn't even go to the meeting they had about enrolling for next year classes. He said, "They will put me somewhere." Boys!

  4. My boys have been so easy and undemanding. I love your daughters list. It sounds fun to me..although expensive I'm sure.

    I had forgotten all about those OshKosh painters pants! I had them in pale blue.

  5. HILARIOUS! I thought since I breezed through all that stuff with Chelsea, I was home free....ahhhh, not so. My 6 y.o. has started with his "must haves" already. His hair has to be a "certain" way, he needs the right shoes, the right back pack (fortunately, they have to have CLEAR one's in our school district), and the other day, I pulled out a new, super cool skeleton/skateboarding t-shirt for him to wear, and he said "MOOOOM, I can't wear THAT....I already wore that LAST WEEK!"

    Well, too bad, so sad for him....he looked mighty cute in that t-shirt that day, even if I do say so myself!

    Thank goodness uniforms are 4 short years away!


    Robin :o)

  6. Love this post. Great inspiration for my show later today. When you have two minutes stop by www.ThinkingForwardTV.com for a daily boost of middle school parenting wisdom.
    Best to you!
    Joe Bruzzese

  7. As promised, www.ThinkingForwardTV.com. Thanks for inspiring today's show. Best to you and your family as you traverse the middle school years.


  8. HOw FUNNY!! My 5th grader went to the MS this past week and all he said is that he wants to join the Unicycle club!! We can't carry backpacks of ANY kind but boys and girls may bring a TOTE bag! Seriously, what boy who doesn't want to get a wedgie is going to carry a tote bag? But you must have the AE or Hollister shirt {we also have uniforms, love it!}

    Found some great bargains at the Ballard's Backroom while in Atlanta this weekend! Sometimes I miss not living in a big city then I come back home to the sand and seagulls and breathe in the salt air and think LIFE IS GRAND!!

  9. **sigh** ode to the days of 'Saddle Back' Ditto jeans, they were the best and fit oh-so-nicely. Thanks for the memories!

    My very laid-back boy isn't the least bit interested in anything trendy, I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know what it means. Tho a #2 pencil and a good sharpener are a must for his pencil drawings that are quite good!


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