Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What "Used" To Be On My Walls Wednesday

It's time for Whats on You Wall Wednesday hosted by Barb at Grits & Glamour If you have not participated in this event rush on over and and join in on the fun! If you have never been to Barb's Blog before go visit and link into others who have participated in this fun event. This week instead of showing you what is on my wall (you may already know what is above my fireplace mantel based on my Met Monday blog) I thought I would show you what is NOT on my walls any longer. This will be short and quick! My family room in it's original form below. It has been like most things in my home a work in progress. Recently I replaced the paintinng above the fireplace and pulled down the large iron clock you see on the side wall. I have yet to get the things I have planned for that side wall up. Mr. Whimsy had some surgery on his arm and has not been able too help me. I do need the help with this one so I will have to be patient. I hope to have them up by next Wednesday! If you have paid attention to my blog over the past few weeks you may notice that the side wall now houses different furniture as well. Visit me next Wednesday to see the transformation.


  1. If it works out, maybe I can come up and offer that extra "hand" with hanging stuff. I am pretty darn good with a hammer and a level. Can't wait to see your beautiful home in person. Hugs, Barb

  2. Wow -- lucky you -- Barb is offering to come and help you with hanging things. I definitely live in the wrong part of the country!

    Looking forward to the new look!

  3. Wow KD...My friend Linda at Nina's Nest just scored at GW with that very paintng! It's hard to believe someone would give it away! It wasn't you, was it??? lol It's soooooo pretty! Love your new mantel with Miss Mary Elizabeth, too! It's perfect in your new home. hugs...Debbie

  4. I love the print you took down. But I know how you feel. I love the painting over my fireplace but I'm about ready for a change as well.

  5. Cass is not the only one that lives in the wrong part of the country..
    Your home looks wonderful! Change is always GOOD! Well..ok..usually!

  6. Your home is wonderful.

    Have a good week,



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