Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tween Dreamin

I am planning a new look for Little Miss Whimsy's room. Her current room which she has been living with for around two and half years, above, still incorporates a lot of her favorite things. She loves the Tiffany blue walls and still loves the bedding. For some time we have been listening to her mention over and over and yes over again that she wants a day bed. Her room is large but due to some factors (doors 3 and windows 3) arranging the room is limited. So the one place the bed can be placed uses up most of the floor space. She loved this inspiration photo. I love the cornice above the bed and well of course the monograms LOL! The rub is she is completely in love with the color purple. This is a new thing for her. Although I refuse to completely re-do her entire room new I am willing to incorporate changes to her existing room. With that in mind.....we have been browsing some "purple Possibilities"

She loves the Pom Pom quilt from PB Teen. The color is really a violet purple which will work with her Tiffany blue. Hmmmm......

Then mom (that be me) came across this fabulous wallpaper online the other night. I love the traditional Jacobean print. Even better the young colors in it keep it fresh and a bit modern. She has an attached bath and we are thinking of putting this wall paper in the bath. I wish they made fabric in it but I think I may have found a way around not having fabric. I could make a lamp shade out of the wallpaper AND I could make the cornice for over the bed using wall paper!!! The wheels are turning........

I do love the contrast of this wall paper with the black furniture they have. But Miss Whimsy's furniture is off white. I still think that off white will work well. The original day bed Miss Whimsy picked out was a gorgeous Stanley piece. I agreed it was a lovely bed but the $1700. price tag is not!!! We found this day bed below online at Penney's for only $349! This is a possibility.

I bring all this up today because my 10 year old is starting middle school in August. She will start two weeks after her 11Th birthday. Tonight we attend the middle schools 6Th grade orientation. I really thought it would be no big deal. After all I already have a middle schooler and one that just started high school this year. But for some reason I just felt the boys were "older". Maybe because my boys are big guys and they have always seemed older just because they are so tall? Little Miss just seems so small and is such a little girl to me still. Whatever the reason all of this is making me a bit melancholy!

So sometimes in the next month or so I will sadly list her lovely French Provencial bed on Craig's List. Buy her a day bed and work on creating her new TWEEN ROOM. This will be part of her birthday present for her August birthday.


  1. Great inspiration...that purple wallpaper with the black furniture is outstandingly pretty.

    The Raggedy Girl-Roberta Anne

  2. Oh poor KD! Your babies are getting older and so are you.
    Haha - you can slap me when I get there. heehee

    I feel for you sweetie. I did not have a daughter but I can understand how it must feel. I think you are soooo on track and I love all the ideas. Maybe you could even "pad" the ends of the bed with a great fabric, or add more of the jacobean wallpaper to tie it all together.

    Either way - you will make it grand - I have no doubt. Try not to get too teary-eyed tonight. Save that for her wedding! (((Hugs))) Barb

  3. Hey there, KD! Stop over and visit me at Eventually Cottage, cuz I have a surprise over there for you!!!

  4. Love your inspiration picture! What a fun project for you and your daughter.

  5. Some great idea's there! Love her bed though..sorry you have to get rid off or sell it.

  6. YOur ideas sound wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished room! Love the idea of the wallpaper on the cornice over the bed. It's going to look so great! laurie

  7. Ohhh, everything is just absolutely beautiful!! Your daughter has really great taste...I wonder where she gets that!

    I can't wait to see the changes!


    Robin :o)


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