Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Graduating From The Kiddy Table, Big Kids Table, Zimbabwe and Bunteteller

My fifteen year old is thrilled to have graduated to the adult table this Christmas. I really have no idea why this is such a big deal. Our family has pretty much always sat together on Christmas unless we were at my mother in laws or friends. Perhaps it is because this year we actually have a kiddy table due to the way the numbers played out with our guests. At any rate he is much relieved that he and his friend, who will be joining us, do not have to be part of the kiddy table. I on the other hand think it would be rather fun to sit at the kiddy table. Here are some pictures of our kiddy table. I found these fun "gingerbread cookie" ornaments in the shape of letters. I am using each one to adorn a mixture of checks and plaids and Christmas print napkins. Instead of place cards each child will be able to find his or her seat by finding their first initial. Chocolate Santa's stand at attention near each green swirled glass. Polka dot salad plates help to continue the fun. A snowman holding two peppermint candies, which are actually salt and pepper shakers, sits ready near a ornament filled box. How fun!

I have set our "Big Kids" table as well and am sharing some pictures, I will tell you it is all Barb's fault (Grits and Glamour) that I have holly berries in my arrangement. Although not quite as "nutty" as Barb I did take an early morning sojourn into the yard to scavenge these off my holly bushes. I also discovered something evidenced by the rash all over my hands and wrists. I am allergic to holly bushes! But they did add just the right touch to my arrangement so thanks Barb!

One of my tennis coaches is from Zimbabwe. Her sister is here visiting and brought with her many handmade items from her country and also made by her. She had an open house and I went and purchased the angel place card holders. I know the turmoil in her country and hope her sister is safe once she returns.

Last I wanted to share a tradition introduced to me by my husbands family. He himself is a first generation American. His parents immigrated here in 1950 from Germany. They are a proud people when it comes to their heritage. Each year no matter how many people came to Christmas, my mother in law would provide a "Bunteteller". In German this means "bright plate". On the plate there can be a variety of things. Almost like the American version of the stocking. German candies and treats, small special little decorative items and anything your heart so desires. Now we are living across the country from both our families. One thing we have done is carry on the tradition of Bunteteller. Tomorrow night each guest will receive their Bunteteller to help them celebrate the season, feel part of our family and maybe remember some of their own traditions. When going to others homes on Christmas we always wonder what we can bring. A gift? Some food? What? I thought too late about what a nice thing it would have been to have each guest or family bring their special tradition. Our guests will include someone raised in Puerto Rico. Someone Irish. Someone Scottish. A Child adopted recently from China. What a true gift to share in their traditions! So my friends, my message to you this season is embrace your family the good and not so good. Embrace your friends. Remember the reason we celebrate this most special time. Lastly remember your traditions. Those are the things that have shaped us and made us who we are. Merry Christmas and God Bless!


  1. Both of your tables are just beautiful, and how fun to have so many different cultures at your dinner. Even though you didn't think to have them each bring something from their traditional Christmas, perhaps you could just share stories at the table of what their traditions and memories are. Have a blessed Christmas. Kathy

  2. Hi sweetie - I love, love, love your trees. And leave it to you, my creative friend, to make such unique "placecards" for the kiddy table. I love it. Your whole house is so warm and inviting and I'm so glad you got the "pooger" up and running in time to post them here. Sorry to hear about your holly woes. Its probably the juice from the berries. (?) Just know ya' gotta wear goves next time. It was the perfect final touch in those beautiful flowers. I hope I get to "talk" to you tomorrow, but if not know I love you and wish you and your family a blessed Christmas. See ya' after the holidays. woohoo! Hugs, Barb

  3. Hello, KD! Everything is so gorgeous and warm and, well, CHRISTMASSY! I left you a message elsewhere raving about everything you've done.

    I will have to ask my husband about the buntetellers. I don't remember him ever mentioning these. As you know, he grew up next door to Germany (in Austria), and his mom grew up in Germany. His parents STILL use real candles on their little tree!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy your family and friends and thank you for sharing all of your stories and inspiration.


  4. My goodness what a beuatiful photo of your home. It's just gorgeous!

    Hope your Christmas was merry! :)


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