Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

I am always reluctant to make resolutions when it comes to New Years promises mainly because I don't want to dissapoint myself and fall short. However I do always have a running list of my decorating goals. The main problem is they change like the wind and the list becomes longer and longer as the year progresses. Yes I am one to get easily distracted by items I find a long the way. If I put these things down in writing will I be more likely to get them done? Only time will tell. So with that here is my 2009 list/s.

Finish List (projects I have already begun but have yet to put the finishing touches on them)

1. Nolan's room

2. Connor's room

3. Dining room

4. new rug for study

5. entrance way

6. Hang my new artwork in the family room!

Decor Projects not yet started

1. bonus room

2. wood floors for upstairs

3. front porch decor

4. Emmersyn's bathroom

There is the short and long of it! I wish each and every one of you a New Year full of hope, health, dreams and completed goals. Happy 2009!

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  1. Your list looks as long as mine! I hope I can get at least one thing on mine done! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!



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