Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 of the New Year

Can you believe it? 2009. Today the Christmas stuff came down. This always leaves me feeling a little blue. The house is so full and warm when the Christmas decor is out. By the time it comes down it makes everything feel sparse. My home that I was pleased with before Christmas suddenly becomes blah to me. So after it all came down today I took on my first project. The Mantel. I had posted earlier about the new topiaries I received from my friend. They are quite large and I was uncertain if they would work on the mantel. I gave it a try and now two hours into the mantel being decorated I am beginning to get used to their larger size and the overall look. Of course I am a tweaker. So over the rest of the year things will be tweaked and moved and added. But this is the start of 2009 decor.


  1. I love the new topiaries!!! The mantel looks beautiful! Nancy

  2. Just discovered your blog and think that it's fabulous...leaving you a little something over at mine.


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