Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've been tagged by Vanessa at to do a meme with six random things about me. According to Vanessa there are a few rules to go along with this meme and they are:~ Link to the person that tagged you~ Post the rules on your blog~ Write six random things about yourself~ Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them~ Let each person know that they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog~ Let the tagger know when your entry is up For the six random things about me. SO here goes be prepared to yawn!

1.) I am an amazon. Yep 6' tall. Most people don't think I am this tall but it is true. I have never had to ask anyone to reach anything for me!

2.) I can decorate anyone elses home with ease but always question and second guess myself on my own home.

3.) I spent an entire Summer with my hippie boyfriend in my early college days living in Cabo San Lucas on the beach in the back of a 1963 VW Bus!!! We drove from San Diego all the way to Cabo San Lucas and spent our days surfing and laying in the sun.

4.) I have a secret desire to own a new VW Beetle convertable in light blue. Not very practical for a family of 5!

5.) I believe in Ghosts and spirits and the paranormal. What ever you want to call it I think it exhists!

6.) While a student there, I unscrewed all the overhead lights at San Diego State University one night with my friend (who is now my husband) and afterwards climbed a 12 foot brick wall and skinny dipped in the SDSU pool. Later we stole a bike off the bike rack and road back to our apartment complex. I don't think the bike was missed because it had no tires on it, just rims. Okay I admit this episode occured after some tequila shots and plenty of beer! Just to clarify this I will absolutely murder my kids if I ever find out they do anything like this!

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  1. Hi KD,
    Girl, you were a wild one! LOL My life would sound soooo boring compared to yours. I always say, "I was born old." :-) Actually, I loved reading this but I got tagged a couple of months ago on this one, so I've done it one time already. If I can think of some more random stuff, I'll post it. :-) I love that what you said about "if your kids" did any of that. Too funny! Great made me laugh! Susan

  2. OK, I did it....but I didn't have 6 people I could send it to! :-( I need more friends! LOL!


  3. Tsk-tsk. Such a baaaad girl. ;-)

    P.S. My valance fabric (you know the one!) is called "CABO Sunset".

  4. Okay, I must get busy. I would not have guessed you were 6' and your snow pictures are gorgeous! We got about that amount. :)

  5. Wild girl. Just kidding. lol. i have a convertable Vw bug but creme. One child has dirtied it up. I will never again get a light interior car until he is 16. Love my bug "Bella" though. mishelle

  6. LOL, this was a hoot to read!!!! You really surprised me. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Okay gals I still think I am a lot of fun BUT I am so ultra conservative now!!!! LOL! I got it all out of my system that first year away at college!


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