Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rainy Days, Star Bucks & Vera Bradley

I don't know why but unlike the majority of people I love rainy days. Yes sometimes they make me want to stay in and bake, cozy down and read or sleep. But many times they motivate me! Today was such a day. I could not wait to put on my comfy jeans, tennies, rain jacket and baseball cap and spend the day with my 10 year old daughter Emmersyn. Today was the first day that her and I have had all to ourselves. All 3 of my boys have been home for 2 weeks (Connor, Nolan and Hubby Reinhard) and all three went back to work and school today. But Emmersyn is on a year round schedule for her final year in elementary school and she has 3 more weeks at home with me. I am finding that I am cherishing these times because I know all to soon; August to be exact, she will be on the same schedule as the rest and these mommy and daughter days will be limited at best. SO after I cozied in bed in the early morning hours with her, my lemon zinger tea with honey, GMA on the tele and my laptop in bed with us while we OOhed and AAhed over the lovely tablescapes we found on all the great blogs. We got dressed and headed out to do battle against weather and crowds. In our semi matching baseball caps, jeans and jackets we faced the elements. Okay maybe it wasn't that dramatic but boy it was really raining out there!!! I still had quite a few returns to do post Christmas so that was first on our list. Then a nice lunch out at one of our all time favorite places PEI WEI Asian Cuisine. Yummy. More errands more shopping and then a quick stop at one of my small little towns local stores Carolina Paper Company. I went in to buy Thank You cards (am I one of the dying race who still hand writes her thank yous? ) First though we had to run into Starbucks for my Caramel Maachiato and Emmersyn's vanilla Bean with Caramel and whip cream. Into the store we went where my daughter promptly fell in love with Vera Bradley for the first time. Now let me say I remember Vera Bradley from back in the preppy late 80's. Back then her prints were more French Provencial Country as I recall. I know back here in the South Vera is wildly popular still. So in CPC my daughter and I fell in love and re-fell in love with the lovely fabrics that only Vera Bradley can create. Emmersyn promptly asked for the free catalog where she proceeded to study it in depth and circle each item she just "had to have" and what prints were here favorite. Among these items were The Tech Case, The IPod Case, The Mini Hipster, The Small Zippered Wallet and last but certainly not least the Out To Lunch Bag. I am pretty sure if she could fit into the Pajama bottoms they would be on her list too but they only come in ladies sizes (I may be getting some for me). Not only is she in love with all these items she wants each one in a different print. No coordination for this 10 year old, NO SIR! Raspberry Fiz, Java Blue, Mod Blue and Pink Pin Wheel (sorry if I butchered the names all you Vera fans) are her prints of choice plus the store owner gave us a peek at the four new patterns that will be out in two weeks time. I think one is called Purple Punch and Emmersyn has requested the lunch bag in that one. So as we drove home I was very thrilled to have my Starbucks to soothe my heart over the fact that my baby girl is growing up. Somehow we went from Hello Kitty to Vera Bradley. Although I know it didn't happen over night it sure seems that way.


  1. What a sweet post. Cherish these times, they grow up so fast. Before you know it she'll be off to college asking you to help decorate her dorm room! I have a niece who is a Vera Bradley fanatic, she even has a diaper bag. Kathy

  2. Well no big surprise - I love the rain, too. LOL I also love Starbucks, but I am a plain Cafe Americano kinda gal. It was dreary here, too. Drizzled on and off but no down pours. Sounds like you had a memorable day. I miss days like that, so cherish them all. Go ahead and starting mapping out our "treasure" shops we will visit when I come up. And I want to go to your fave restaurant, too. ;-)
    ttyl, barb

  3. How sweet and fun!
    I too love Vera Bradley and I must say your daughter's name is one the prettiest girls names I have ever heard. Love it!

  4. Thank you so much for sayig that Melissa. That puts a smile on my face.

  5. I love rainy days, too--glad to meet someone else who putters around happily while it pours!

  6. KD, Thanks for joining the Carolina Girl rollcall. :) We're on the way to Starbucks now. :) Only way to handle this rain and not having any coffee creamer in the house. :) How is the new Sbux in FV? Have a dear girlfriend in HS!! :) Small world!

  7. My daughter just got her very first Vera Bradley for Christmas! She loves it so much, she is afraid to use it....she asked for a "cheap purse" to put her "stuff" in! LOL!
    Her second favorite gift was the Starbucks gift certificate her daddy got her for their next "Daughter's and Daddy's Day out!"


  8. I have several Vera Bradley bags but my favorite one is my large Villager. I have hauled it all over the country. I throw it in the car filled to the brim with everything I may need for the day. I may use my leather but that one particular one is my all time favorite. It was a gift from my daughter and my very first one.
    I loved your post..and..it made me want to dump my stuff back into my
    beautiful big Mesa Red. GREAT for shopping! All those perfect little pockets..you cannot help but be organized.
    Enjoyed your post so much! Aren't daughters great? I love my sons to pieces, but they won't go shopping with me! GEEZ! :)


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