Sunday, January 11, 2009

Best Friends & Prayer

Who amongst us doesn't have a best friend. Someone who has been in our lives for longer than we can remember. That one person who just has always seemed to be there. They have been there to witness even what our family was unaware of. I am currently living 3000 miles away from my best friend. I miss her daily. I also know that in an instant if she needed me or I her we would both be on the first flight out to the other. Afterall a best friend is usually the first one there in the bad times. Janice over at Etiquette With Miss Janice stopped by and asked for a prayer for her best friend. I was especially touched by this because I know how I would feel if my best friend were in need of me and most importantly the Lord. So as you read this blog just say this prayer with me for Janice's best friend Teresa. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.

Dear heavenly father we place your child Teresa in your loving hands. We pray that she finds the strength in you that she needs at this difficult time. Lord we pray that you bestow upon the specialist she is seeing the wisdom and grace to make the correct decisions and the knowledge to understand what she needs. Lord we pray that those around Teresa surround her with grace, love and strength as they become your instruments of strength for her. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen


  1. Teresa is is my thoughts and prayers. I just know God is going to take care of her. Kristen

  2. Praise God! this is so beautiful, the power of prayer. this is why i love the Heavenly Father so much, He teaches His children to love and pray for one another. His Holy Spirit is in all of us. Thank you JESUS! God Bless Teresa! i will be adding her to my prayers and the people who love her. God knows exactly what's best for her and what she needs. He is so good! He is in control! i also want to say God Bless Janice too. one of the greatest gifts is the gift of friendship.we truly need to love and support and pray for one another. i also will say a prayer for her strength and support.out of all the beautiful things that i love to share, there's nothing that is more beautiful than to see the love of God in all of His Children. thank you for sharing this prayer. i say this prayer with you in Jesus name. have a great day!

    God Bless,

  3. Many thoughts and prayers for Teresa. My God help her in her time of need.


  4. Oh KD - you have the kindest heart. My prayers go out to Teresa also. My Uncle goes to Duke tomorrow to see how bad his cancer has returned. My poor Aunt is so distraught.
    Yes, I have a friend like that, too. She is also a Marine wife. I do not get to see her as often as I would like even though she lives in the next state. So is life! Hope you had a great weekend! Hugs dear friend, Barb

  5. Many prayers for your uncle Barb. I know what that cancer "game" is like and I pray he is doing well. My friend and I used to live about 40 minutes from each other before we moved back here and with her 3 kids and my 3 kids we still didn't get to see each other much. Such is life is right! We all need to make more time!

  6. What a beautiful prayer, will be thinking good thoughts for Teresa. Kathy

  7. Hi, I can't remember if I have been over to say Hello, or not! But I come by way of Carolina Mama's blog. Fellow Carolina Girl here! You have a great blog...and love the name! :)

    I don't know her, but God does, and my prayers are with Teresa! ~Rhonda :)

  8. God is good and it was meant for you to use your sweet blog to give him the power and glory to lead the way at this difficult time.

    Marla aka Always Nesting

  9. KD, your sweet post and prayers for my friend Teresa are so appreciated. Thank you and I thank all of your readers for remembering me and my friend during this time. Charmaine said it elegantly..."He teaches his children to love and pray for one another." Teresa is home and we will wait for more information to come later. Thank you again.


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