Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Deer Centerpiece

Today I am going to show you what I did with an extra container I had up in the attic. An extra $4 papier mache deer I had and some various floral picks , ribbon and greenery.

This is the finished product. I needed a center piece for my dining room. What to do ? What to do?

Some frosted fruit...............

A metal container with embossed fruit hhhhmmmmm can you see the light bulbs going off?

I gathered my supplies.............the deer, gold spray paint, floral supplies and of course that container!

A quick spray over with some satin gold spray had been a kind of tan color before the paint went on..........

I was low on foam but cut what I had up to make it work.............

Some floral moss................

I placed the deer in the center and started loading in my greenery then my frosted fruits and some gold glittered instruments and finally I decided it needed some ribbon.......

Here is an old trick I picked up years ago. If you have some short ribbon pieces you don't know what to do with .....or even if you are not a "bow maker" you can make bows easily with some ribbon loops and some wooden floral picks. Or if you don't have any floral picks on hand, I didn't as I made this, use some wired stems that you have cut off from your floral supplies. Okay now make a loop.......

Take the wired ribbon loop and twist it on the extra piece of floral stem......or if you do have wired floral picks then take the wire on the pick and wrap it around the bottom of the ribbon loop. Wired ribbon works best for this. If you want an actual bow you can place several of the loops together to get the look of a bow. For the tails of the bow just twist one end of a long piece of ribbon to a pick and place in amongst the ribbons. This is a great way to make you ribbon go a long way. It takes very little ribbon to get this look and it can't be much easier can it?

Here you can see I added the ribbon loops among the greenery and frosted fruits to give it some layering. I love these gold glittered instruments and was happy to find a home for them in the arrangement.

There you have it a quick and easy arrangement on a whim. Hope you enjoyed this transformation. Visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch by clicking here to find more wonderful Metamorphosis creations. Have a wonderful week!


  1. You did a great job with things you had on hand! It turned out beautifully and is perfect in your dining room!

  2. Great job! Looks so pretty on your table.

  3. Beautiful center piece. I love the diamond background of the bookshelves in your header. Is this wall paper or is it painted. It's wonderful! ~ Sarah

  4. This is the second time I have seen the same deer used on Met Monday. I think I tossed mine and I am so sad!

    Just lovely and all your shared tricks will come in handy. Thanks so much!

  5. Great idea! Especially using what you already have. You've inspired me to think about a large container I have that is really crying out to be something!

  6. I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful Christmas decorating! It was a treat to come by for a visit.

  7. Thanks for stopping by. We have similar tastes. I love toile and plaid (mad about it), I see you have a lot of it in your decor. Thanks for sharing your deer centerpiece. Looks great. --Delores

  8. OMGosh!!! I just came over from Barb's b/c she said she bought you some scottie dog plates (my neighbor collects them & displays them at Christmas), and scrolled down looking at all of your Christmas decorations, and just about passed out. You have a picture of me on your blog (AND NOT A FLATTERING ONE!) I had to pull out my calendar to verify, but I was at Biltmore the same day you were...blonde hair and glasses. How freakin wild is that? I had on a denim jacket, and was in those stores for literally 3 hours. I bought that red wine box (just for displaying), so I know I was in that same area. I wish I had known you blogged. I don't even remember anyone taking pictures. Crazy, huh? I, too, have pictures, but haven't had time to post. Now, I wonder if I have a picture of you in my photos! I just posted some of the ornaments I bought there earlier yesterday. Hope you enjoyed the trip, and are having happy holidays! ;O)

  9. And oh, btw, I'm a 43 yr old Aquarius too, isn't that wild? It's funny b/c I decorated my dining room in plaids this Christmas. Hopefully, will post later tonight.

  10. Have you bought anymore invisible presents? lol...I actually have 2 now, but they are not wrapped yet. I've got alot of shopping to do, I sent my hubby out to get gift certificates a while ago, he's off work today. Your Christmas decor is just beautiful! Love what you did with the deer. I made and sold several arrangements using that same deer. I wish I kept one for myself! You did a beautiful job on everything...the mantle is stunning. Merry Christmas! Kristen

  11. A very beautiful centerpiece indeed! Thanks for sharing it with Mi4M :)

  12. You did a great job with things you had on hand!

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