Sunday, December 27, 2009

Count Down to New Years

Christmas is here and gone so quickly I am pretty sure there was some head spinning involved! Now we are looking towards a new year which is even more mind boggling. The Whimsy home is having a small get together this year. Usually we go to neighbors for their annual New Years eve party. This year they are out of town and we decided to have a few families over for some fun. This meant I was stuck with a decision to make. Usually we take down out Christmas decor, which we have a plethora of, on New Years day or shortly after. This year, however; with a house full of guests about to arrive on our door step I am contemplating taking down the decor a couple days early to make the home more spacious. Now with that in mind I did a quick search for New Years eve decorating ideas. Let me tell you there is not a lot out there. So much so that I am now thinking of leaving the Christmas delights up! I did find a couple things that tickled my fancy and decided to give you a peek too. Many of these came from Martha Stewart. I love the champagne flutes with the count down numbers on them above don't you?

Love these fun center pieces !

Father time at work in a collection of clocks. I don't have this many clocks, do you? If you do I think it is rather a fun idea! What are you doing this New Years eve? Maybe you picked up on an idea or two to get your home ready for guests. I hope you have a safe and wonderful New Years!


  1. We would love to go to our home in the wine country, but having a 20 year old home from college, we feel we must stay and "guard" the house.
    For ideas: silver chargers, black and white linens. Confetti. You're right, not a lot out there. Happy New Year. --Delores

  2. Truly, not a lot of of decor available for New Year's. Perhaps that should be a bloggy mission. Now you've got me thinking.
    We never go out - I call it amateur night. We stay home and play games and eat fun and fancy finger foods.
    Happy New Year!

  3. I am still coveting that chair:)

    Have a fun time at the party.

  4. Some great ideas. I leave my Christmas up until after the New Year, but I love the collection of clocks and would consider that for New Years if I had them. We have friends over for cards.

  5. I call it amateur night. We stay home and play games and eat fun and fancy finger foods.

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