Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Anniversary, A Cheerleader and EOG;s

It has been a busy week here in the Whimsy household. On Saturday we started out with competitive cheer tryouts for Little Miss Whimsy. We decided to switch cheer gyms this year. Although she knows many people at her "new" gym nerves were high. This only escalated once
we arrived and it was announced that no parents were allowed inside during the tryouts. I was waiting for tears but that look of determination came across her face and in she marched. We found out Monday, much to our surprise that not only did she pull that tryout off she was placed on two high level teams. We are very proud of her! Sunday brought Mothers Day. Mr. Whimsy and the kiddos made me a very big breakfast. we lazed around ALL DAY which was wonderful! We watched movies and caught up on all of our Tivoed episodes of Gray's Anatomy, Amazing Race, Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice. We were able to catch up on about half of our Lost episodes. Then upon my request we went out to dinner for my favorite, Mexican food! Yummy! Chimichanga here I come! Finally yesterday was our 19th wedding anniversary! WOW! Mr. Whimsy surprised me with a cherry red metallic.................laptop computer. You thought I was going to say convertible didn't you? I am thrilled. Since my current laptop caught that nasty virus in December it has just never been the same. I can't wait to get my new laptop up and running and loaded with everything I all my decor pictures! The rest of my week will be just as busy between running my kids to all their practices, a car pool luncheon and then me hosting a tennis luncheon (maybe I will actually be able to do a table scape but I am not holding my breath!) and the kids EOG's (end of grade tests) I doubt I will be able to dedicate as much time to my blog as I would like. BUT I am excited to say that Barb from Grits & Glamour will be stopping by on Friday after my tennis luncheon. She is going to help me with my walls (shhhhhh I have a whole list of things) and art work so I will be sure to take a lot of pictures to share! Have a wonderful week!


  1. Yeah for your cheerleader. I know the stressfulness of the situation as my daughter just went through the same thing.
    I too just got a new laptop, so I know your joy there as well.
    As for having someone come over to help with decorating needs, well there I'm just green with envy. That is what I need more than anything.
    Getting caught up on tivo'd shows? priceless

  2. I too had cheerleaders. Four of them. NOT an easy task and I was happy when it was over..even though I did feel pride at the homecoming games to see so many of my girls down there! Other then that, it was a pain.
    How fortunate you are to meet Barb from Grits and Glamour and get her expertise. Enjoy!!
    Oh to have a new laptop!! Lucky you!

  3. Oh, I remember those cheer days so well!! My former cheerleader is getting ready to graduate with a degree in Business Administration and she's ready to tackle the world. Cheer really helped her self confidence grow during those teen years and led to all kinds of crowns and awards in high school. It's an expensive sport but it's also money well spent if you look at all the life skills that they learn along the way.

  4. Congratulations to Little Miss Whimsy!
    Love the new laptop! I think I would like that just as much as a new!
    I am so jealous of you getting to meet Barb AND get her brilliant help!
    Try to get a little relaxation time during your busy week!


    Robin :o)

  5. I'm so late getting here, so I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. And the shiny red convertible (oh, it was a laptop) is fabulous! Congratulations to the cheerleader. What fun to get to meet Barb AND to get her help, although from what I've seen, you don't need help. But, it will be fun to decorate with such a great person. I look forward to seeint hte pictures! laurie


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