Friday, May 22, 2009

"Lucy....You Got Some Splainin To Do"

Hello all. I am hoping for some great help and instruction. All of you wonderful bloggers out there have a much better handle on this computer game. I keep telling myself I am going to take a class and well, you know how it goes...... Soon I will be hosting my Summer Salad event and I would reaaaallllllyyyyy love to have Mr. Linky up and running for it! Now the past couple days blog land has seemed to be very ill. This has been the first time since Wednesday I have been able to get into my blog. Awhile back I took some advice and tried to load Mr. Linky on up in my blog. When the real cursing and shouting started Mr. Whimsy, who is quite computer savvy stepped up to the plate to help. He loaded it on BUT then we did not know if it worked or not and or how to use it in a post. Well today I got and email from Mr. Linky saying he was the reason for the blog land blues over the past 2 days and could I please go into my HTML and delete a line. I was thinking we had not loaded it correctly originally since I still have not figured out how to use the blasted thing in a post. But what do you know I followed Mr. Linkys email directions to the letter and sure enough when I went into my HTML template there was the line he wanted me to delete (so it was there and loaded all along).

Okay I will FINALLY get to the point. If Mr. Linky is loaded in my template HTML.......HOW do I get it to appear in a post??? Purdy please can anyone, someone guide this desperately dense computer raging person along? Thanks friends! Is anyone laughing or crying right along with me in total confusion?


  1. I wish I could help! I've never tried anything with Mr. Linky...

    I've had problems uploading pictures and not being able to click on the pictures to enlarge - I think it's gremlins.


  2. Hey GF! I got the same email message from Mr linky, and deleted the script line but I still can't access my blog. I could last nite, but this morning it is back to the same all message about being "Aborted." Isn't that an aweful word. Couldn't IE call it something else? :-/

    Anyway - once you are able to load the script line back in (the one you deleted.) Here's what you do:

    1) Log in to (Mr Linky)
    2) At the top, click on Wizard.
    3) Next page, click on the kind of template you have. I think you are using an "upgraded/new" template, not the older version.
    4) Next, click on the SECOND choice for Mr Linky templates...the second box - "Original Auto Linkies."
    5) Next, at bottom of page click on "Generate Code."
    6) You will see two script codes. Go to the SECOND code (line #9)and copy and paste that entire code.
    7) Go back to your blog entry that you are working on, click on Edit HTML, and paste the Mr Linky code where you want it.
    8) Hint, its just easier to paste it at the very bottom of the page instead of somewhere in the middle, etc. There will prob be a whole bunch of {div}{div} etc, at the bottom. Paste under all the code you see.
    9) Here's the other hint, Mr Linky is kinda like God. You don't "see" him but you have to believe he's there. LOL When you hit the Preview key, you will not see the Mr Linky box, but when you post your blog entry - he is magically there. Go figure! The first time I used Mr L, I ran a test post.

    Call me if you need me. I am not at the casino this morning but in my room w/ tummy issues. Go figure!

    Good luck!

    ps - I think Mr L's site is down right now, and maybe all day, b/c of all the issues.

  3. I'm not your girl for straightening out computer glitches or anything of the such, but when you get it all figured out, if you could do a little mini-tutorial, that would be the cat's meow!!!!!!!!!!!! So many of us would use it IF we just knew how!!! :)
    Hope it's figured out soon!!!


  4. Oh my! We are going to Flaunt Reds on May 29 and I have to do it. You are scaring me to death!

  5. I haven't used Mr. Linky on my page before. Sorry I can't help. :o(

  6. Truthfully, I am scared to death of Mr. Linky..or anything I don't understand. I wish I could help..but I have seen where they say "Mr. Linky" is down so I shy away. Barb @GritsandGlamour is the most savy..LOL I just noticed her are in GREAT hands with her! Good luck my friend! :)
    ~Have a safe and peaceful weekend!~


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