Friday, May 15, 2009

Announcing Summer Salad Saturdays

The heat is on. At least here in the south it is. We have had some very warm days here already and it will only be getting hotter! Now is the time of year when we lend ourselves to grilling out doors , sweet fruits, lemonade and SALADS. What is better than a nice salad on a summer day? With that in mind I have decided to host a little event of my own over here at Southern Whimsy. SUMMER SALAD SATURDAYS will take place every Saturday in June. What is it, you ask? Each Saturday I will post a recipe for a salad. I am determined to learn Mr Linky in the next couple of weeks. Y'all will be able to post your link on my site and share your favorite salad recipes as well. These can be new recipes to you or something tried and true that you make every time the weather turns warm. This event will start on Saturday June 6Th and continue throughout the month of June. So grab the salad Saturday logo above (graciously made for me my my friend Barb over at Grits and Glamour), hunt down those yummy salad recipes and get ready for some Summer salad sharing over here at Southern Whimsy. I hope y'all will join us!


  1. Sounds great KD!
    I'll join you. :)

  2. GREAT idea!!! I'll join in, too.


  3. This sounds like fun! Looking forward to it. Kathy

  4. Sounds like fun, and I can't wait to get new recipes!


  5. I stopped by to take a peek...we have a few bloggin' buddies in common. I love the idea of the summer salad meme...count me in!!!
    I love your site and I will be coming back again and again!!!

    I became a follower today!!! Love your blog!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  6. Sounds wonderful KD...I will place the button on my sidebar. I can't wait.


  7. What a great idea... I'm already planning my salads!


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