Saturday, May 30, 2009

Look at My Cute New Header!!

A big thank you to my dear friend Barb over at Grits & Glamour. Look at this wonderful, fabulous new header Barb made me for my blog!!! She is so creative she combined two of my favorite things, bunnies and harlequin. I am so lucky to have Barb as a friend and I can't thank her enough for using her creative computer skills to brighten my space.


  1. Hi
    WOW !
    It's so perfect.
    I love it ,what a great time everyone will have when they come to visit.
    We all need a little bit of whimsy
    in our lives.
    Blessings of joy to you :)

  2. It's perfect! I love the background you chose to go with it. It's sooo KD! (thats a good thing!) :-)

    ps - I am fixing the apple french toast recipe to take to a Ladies Brunch. I caramelized some pecans today to sprinkle on top. I will let you know how it goes but I know it will be a big hit.

  3. I love anything black and white. It looks wonderful. Good for you and good for Barb's amazing computer skills.


  4. I love it! Isn't it nice to have such great friends.

    Have a good Sunday.


  5. Absolutely adorable!! I love it!


    Robin :o)

  6. It's perfect! Love your background, too.

  7. Cute, you know i love harlequins.

  8. Very cute new header---

    checkout the give away

  9. Yes you are lucky! I was thinking what a cute header...Barb does these? She is very talented!


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