Thursday, May 7, 2009

Severe Weather Alert!!!

For the past few days here in North Carolina this has been a pretty status quo term. Rain, thunder and lightening and air so thick you can cut it with a knife. Thank goodness for air conditioning! Much more severe are the stream of tornado's that have been touching down here and there around our state. Many coming much too close for my personal comfort. When most of us think of rain we think of cold gloomy days where we just want to hunker down in bed with some tea and warm blankets, at least I do. Even when it is warm outside when I am closed in my house and looking out all I see is the dull gray and it makes me want to retreat even further, climb back in bed and read a book. Which brings me to the bedroom. The sanctuary where we are free to let our hair down. I find our bedroom to be such a peaceful place. I practically sigh every time I walk through the door to my bedroom! There is just something about this personal space that instantly brings my heart rate down and pulse to a slow relaxed state. Since moving to our home here in Carolina I have been slowly moving from room to room and putting my personal stamp on this home. One room I have not even started on is my bedroom. I have all the furniture in place, the plantation shutters up, and the bedding from our last home. Still though I have not chosen the decor I really want to go with in this room. Never the less I still dream of getting this room done soon and I keep a stash of photos that inspire me for one reason or another and thought I would share them here. So pull up your cup of tea and hunker down for a short but sigh worthy bedroom inspiration tour.

Blue is always a staple with me. I gravitate towards it like a magnet. I love the cool simplicity of these blue rooms with touches of warmth with the gold.

This room just sings to me. I love the warmth and the mix of fabrics. The bold checks on the cornices and the floral drapes. I feel like I should find a pair of equestrian riding boots at the foot of this bed. If the green carpet was replaced with some wood floors and oriental rugs it would make this room near perfect for me!

I love the contrast of the crisp apple green with the black. Sharp and fresh.

This room was actually more of an inspiration for my sons room. I love the red against the black and the buffalo checks add such texture almost lending themselves to architectural details in the way they are used.

Back to the blue! Notice how there is not one mirror, painting etc. on the walls in here. The all over pattern of the wallpaper created more than enough interest.

Toile! Need I say more!

I love the painted beds.

More Toile. I just found this such an interesting mix.

The wall displays caught my eye in this bedroom. Very interesting. Also look how they used the bowed window treatment. That would be fantastic in a little girls room!

Pink isn't often thought of as sophisticated but this room proves that it can indeed be just that. Pink like blue is a very relaxing color if done right.

I love the texture of the wood planked walls white washed. The black beds against this with the yellow and red bedding just pops creating interest and contrast in what is other wise a very simple room.

These are just some of the inspiration pictures I have collected. Watch out, if I were actually willing to scan in all the ones I have stored away in my inspiration notebook we might have been here awhile! Have a relaxing and wonderful day!


  1. I'd take any of those!! They are all so beautiful. I'm with you...there are so many beautiful combinations of colors, fabrics, and accessories. It's hard to stick with one direction.

  2. I'm sorry you are having bad weather. I hope you have a good book to enjoy as you sip your tea.

  3. Oh I agree with Stacye~~they are all so gorgeous, yet so different!
    We have had that same bad weather here in the metro Atlanta area that ya'll are having. Crazy but so grateful for the rain!!
    Have a Tremendous Thursday!


  4. I love all your inspiration bedrooms. They are all fabu-licious!!! I hope you get your dream room someday soon. And I hope the tornados stay away. We had a tornado here in southern California last May that was quite scary. I am 50 years old & that was the first tornado I had experience with. Luckily it did minor damage. I would much rather live with the threat of earthquakes, than with the threat of tornados.

  5. Such beautiful and inspirational bedrooms. Mine needs help badly.. thanks for sharing!

  6. I can see bits and pieces of what we know of you in all those rooms. They are gorgeous. Just think of how much you will appreciate your new room once it's done. Meanwhile, your "old" bedset is beautiful.

  7. I see you are as sick of the bad weather as I am! LOL!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bedrooms! Thanks for sharing!


    Robin :o)

  8. As I type these words, its pouring cats and dogs, I would love to have any of those rooms, but like the one that has the white painted beds and red on the down comforters.

  9. These are such wonderful inspiration pictures! I just looked at each one and felt so soothed and comfortable. Hope the storms have calmed down. We have had some bad ones in Arkansas too-so much thunder last night, it was hard to sleep. laurie

  10. Wow your bedroom is stunning I can see why you feel so relaxed and tranquil when you enter! Great job! I would be happy with any one fo those rooms! Sue

  11. The colors are wonderful. Do you know what blue was used on those yummy bedroom walls. I am looking for the perfect blue!



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