Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey Y'all Lets Flaunt Some Red!

Hello friends and welcome to my first flaunting of the red! This fun event is temporarily being hosted by our friend Stacey over at PoofingthePillows while Nancy is beaching it! Link on back over to Stacey for more fun red flaunts.

Let me just start by saying I am no stranger to red. I have had red in every home I have owned and more often than not a lot of it. My current home is no exception. Let's take a little tour of some of the red I have down stairs! Red Iron Trivets (thank you very much Target)

Every kitchen needs a red Cafe sign (thank you HomeGoods)

My reading chair in a lovely red on red diamond patterned check. Comfy and cozy. Thank you very much Ethan Allen!

Red pillows

With red window panels to match. I loved this fabric the first time I saw it, but I didn't like the price. The sleuth that I am was not willing to give up on it and after a 3 month search found it at an affordable price. I still love it 3 years later so it was worth the extra effort!

Red matted doggy prints.

Yes even my new laptop from Mr. Whimsy is red. He knows me too well.

Red porch floors. How's that for some POP!

Red tulip oil painting. Color saturation at it's best!

Even my study has painted ceilings that is!

These are just a few of my red touches. I will be sure to join in next time for more fun red inspiration! Thanks to Stacey for hosting this fun event.


  1. KD your red touches are beautiful. I love that red tufted chair! Your fabric for the curtains is great too. It's so worth it when you find something you really love to search it out!

    Thank you very much for participating today. I always enjoy your blog so much.

  2. Wow- you really have some wonderful reds around your house..I love your red pillow and curtain panels...the fabric is lovely! The porch floor is just awesome...can't ever be gloomy in that room! So pretty...great flaunt! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  3. KD I am in AWE over you RED ceiling!!! LOVE it!

    All of your reds are fabulous! I adore your home.
    You have officially inspired me to buy the red trivets at Target. I've seen them before and almost did.

    Happy FYRED Day!
    ~Melissa :)

  4. Hi KD!
    What beautiful red fabric on your drapes and pillows! Your red painted porch is great, and the black furniture really stands out on it, and looks awesome!!

    Have a fun FYR Friday!!


  5. I love all the red in your house. I don't have much red in mine & I don't know why as I love red. Probably because we have ugly teal blue/green carpeting that I HATE!

  6. Your red is just WOW! I love the drapery panels. Could we see a close up of them sometime? Red at home is a real pick-me-up any day. Your blog is just delightful. Thank you for sharing.


  7. I love all your reds! My laptop is a red Dell. :D hee hee, Love it!

  8. Red ceiling and red porch? I'm in love. haha You really know how to use red...your home looks fabulous!

  9. Nice reds from drapes to pillows to prints on the wall Enjoyed touring your world and watching you FLAUNT YOUR RED!


  10. Hi your reds. The chair is great. And the porch is awesome.


  11. All your red looks lovely but I'm really drawn to the doggy print! Very sweet! It was genius of you to paint your porch red. Perfect!

  12. All your reds are great but that doggy print and the red floors are just screaming at me. Love it!!!
    I grew up in a home where we had read patio was awesome. I hope to do the same here...someday~~
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day!

  13. I love how you've decorated with red. My favorite is that red porch floor! How cheerful! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  14. Oh, to have a red floor! The ultimate is to have a red floor. I also love your laptop and red chair. I bought a red chair, but the cats took it over. Now it's the cats' red chair.

  15. KD,
    I a moving in with you!!! Your home is GORGEOUS!!! I love everything...the red is just a bonus!!! Your red chair is to die for!!! I am a huge Ethan Allen fan. I have several of their pieces in my home as well!!!

    Your ceiling accent is wonderful!!! I love the molding and your fixture!!! Just beautiful!!!

    Well I am calling the movers...I will see you soon;)!!!

    Have a wonderful FYR Friday!!!

  16. You def have a lot of good red! Love that porch paint and those draperies are beautiful.

  17. KD, I love all the RED, of course! And that red chair, will come home with me, if I ever visit with :) But, I couldn't help but notice the black and white diamond shaped paper, behind the that wallpaper or scrap book paper? I love it!!! Nancy


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