Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Parents of Middle Schoolers

You know that really isn't a word is it? " Schoolers". "Schoolers". In any event I had meant to post this earlier and was side tracked. Who me? Last week Joe Bruzzese visited my blog. Specifically my post on the "Top 5 Must Haves For Middle School Girls". Joe left a nice comment to let me know he had featured my blog on his daily show. Joe has a history in education and dealing with the middle Schooler (there is that word again). I urge you to visit his show and listen to his daily insights into Middle School kids and parenting them. It was nice to hear confirmation on all the things we are doing correctly and listen with interest to the tips he gives on things that are frustrating us! If nothing else you might just walk away thinking your child has something more to offer at this age than just the daily pull your hair out moments. Go ahead and give Joe a visit at Thinking Forward when you get a chance.

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